Kawaljeet Singh Talwar: The man with nerves of steel and iron determination


Mr. Kawaljeet Singh Talwar is a first generation self-built entrepreneur. He is a well-known prominent industrialist. His work spans business and social work simultaneously. His foresight combined with strength of character has made him a force to reckon with in the field of govt contractual works. His company has attained the status of one of the most regarded civil contractors in India.
He is the Founder and Chairman of JIE Schools Chain. The main objective of JIE Schools is to provide international education as well as moral education to the children at reasonable prices. But it was not an easy path for him. He has faced many struggles to reach the pinnacle of this success. 
The life of successful people always seems to be very attractive, but we do not know the struggles behind the success. Mr. Kawaljeet Singh Talwar also had to face many struggles in his life. He tried different works and failed. Yet nothing could defy him. He continued to make consistent efforts. 
He always wanted to do his own business. But because of no resources, he could not start any business. One of his friends suggested him to do commission based work. He had no knowledge about it, yet he went for it. He rented a shop on rent. He used to sweep the floor himself. He had only four chairs and no table at his rented shop. 
For six months he had no work. At that time he used to observe how others were conducting their businesses. Sometimes he used to travel via trucks because he had no money to pay fares. Once his wife had asked him to get cerelac from the market for their baby, but he did not have enough money, so he came back without cerelac. His wife Jasmeet Kaur Talwar always supported him during his days of struggle. She also did tuition for children to manage expenses. She gave her husband every support he needed. She encouraged him and inspired him throughout his struggle. 
He never stopped working hard and started with a small project, and made it a successful project. After that, there was no looking back. Until 2007, he did work in the transport field and established his name. He had mastered his mind to always think positive. He never left the hope of doing better. He has defied the odds and he is now one of the most successful entrepreneurs. 
In 2009 he completed his first National Highway project. He also entered the field of education in 2008. He achieved success in the transport field, construction work and also education. He is the managing partner of Talwar Highway Projects Private Limited. He has an impeccable record of completing projects in various sectors. He is known for completing quality projects in time. He has been honored with many accolades. He has been honoured as the Diamond of US Nagar, Uttarakhand Pride award and Asian Excellence Award. Soon a biography on his inspiring life is also going to be published. 
His journey of success is so inspiring. He is an epitome of hard work, determination and success. He always believed in himself and hard work. He surrounded himself with positivity even during the darkest times in his life. He has not only created a unique identity for himself in the society but he has also improved the lives of many people. 
His life is an example of who one should never give up. His struggles throw light on how will power plays an important role in achieving dreams and success. He is a role model of every young entrepreneur. He is a being of pure will and inspiration. 


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