AB Bonita: Memory Athlete with aim to empower minds globally


Anne Bernadette D. Bonita, better known as AB Bonita, is the Owner and Founder of The Brain Republic Inc. She is also the current President of the Philippine Mind Sports Association and Head Coach of her country’s National Memory Team. Through her leadership, her Team has actively promoted the group’s advocacy to spread awareness about Mind Empowerment through Memory Sports, and brought it to people of all ages.  They teach the community strategies and memory enhancement systems. It has been reported to help people in getting a better performance at school, work, and business. 
Prior to leading her country’s National Team, she was also a former “Mentathlete” or Memory Athlete.  During the peak of her career, she was able to literally memorize hundreds of words, numbers, a shuffled deck of cards and much other information in just a few minutes. She was also able to remember 50 Names and Faces in 5 minutes at the Hong Kong International Memory Championship, making her the National Record Holder at that category back in 2013. Growing up, she just had an average memory.  She was doing well in academics but has been increasingly forgetful and absentminded when she was in High School and College.  Her friends would even teasingly call her “lola” meaning grandma due to her failing memory. 
She developed low self-esteem. That’s when she started to look for ways on how to improve her memory. Coincidentally, one of her classmates in college was a Memory athlete. Once she attended a memory event and the rest is history. Bonita started her memory journey in 2012 and in just a few years, she has established her name as among the Leading Experts in the field of Memory Improvement Training and Mind Sports. She Founded The Brain Republic Inc. to help more people. She developed programs that will target the specific needs of each student, whether it is for sports, education, or work improvement. She started to focus full-time on growing the Memory Community locally and internationally. Starting was not at all easy. She faced several struggles along the way. 
During the early stage of her journey, not so many people were aware of what she was doing. Many people told her to just look for a regular job and discouraged her from pursuing what she was doing. She struggled to make her ends meet. Thankfully, her parents and a few friends supported her, and believed in her. Throughout her wonderful journey in Memory Development, she has produced international memory masters and champions, and she still continues to develop Elite Mentathletes, who compete with the World’s brightest minds. She has conducted memory enhancement seminars and workshops across the globe and has coached several professionals. Her goal is to encourage people and help them realize their true potential through a sharp mind and memory. She has worked very hard to overcome her problems. It is because of her determination that she became a memory master and now is helping people globally who face the same kind of problems. She has been successful in aiding people all around the globe to enhance their memory. Her work deserves true appreciation and encouragement. 


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