Zul, Indonesia: Living Expression of Nothing is Impossible

We often hear ‘Nothing is Impossible’. The Living embodiment of this saying is a man who has no arms and no legs. He can still shoot pictures, drive cars and even dive in an ocean all by himself. His name is Zul. He lives in a small town in Indonesia. Whenever people meet him, they do not look at his skills or personality. People only look at his disability.

Even his parents only looked at his disability. They were ashamed of him and wanted to throw him in a river. Everyone in the community looked down upon him because they look at a disabled person as useless. With time, he started to believe it too. When he was 13 years old, he tried to end his life. He tried to kill himself because he thought he was a burden to his parents.

But one day, things finally started to change. He found purpose in the last thing he thought, a camera. He picked the camera only using his arm muscles, strapped it on his neck and used all his strength to press the shutter that would finally turn his life around. He worked hard and clicked thousands of pictures.

He became famous on social media and also received a scholarship to join a photography school. He didn’t just stop there. He became a mechanic and designed his own car using a motorbike.He put it together with the help of his friends so that he can go anywhere he wants to.

Now he is learning how to dive so that he can take underwater shots and master his craft. With no arms and no legs, he has built a career, learnt how to use a camera, built a car and is learning to dive. Disabled is something he is absolutely not. If he is anything, he is most able to do anything he wants to do. He has proved that nothing in this world can limit you to achieve your highest potential if you are dedicated enough to put in the hardwork and determination that is required.