Yun Jeong-hyun: A great teacher with sincere work ethics


Teaching is one of the noble professions in the world. But there are some teachers who with their hard work and determination, make this the most noble profession on the globe. One of such teachers is Yun Jeong-hyun from South Korea. 
Yun Jeong-hyun is working as a high school teacher in Korea. The school he worked for is in a farming and fishing village. Students in farming and fishing villages do not live well as compared to the Korean average standard of living. They don’t have a good family environment. To help these poor children, he worked overtime till 10:00 PM every night. 
His ultimate goal was to make students earn 3,600 dollars per month. This amount is about twice the minimum wage in Korea. He also put in his best efforts to develop a great personality for his students. He imparted social education so that his students can become great citizens as well. He created a club to provide volunteer services. They together provided volunteer services to farming and fishing villages. The club has won 14 ministerial awards for volunteer work.
He firmly believes that for a teacher to get close to his students, they must show sincere behaviour. He helped students in setting their goals and guided them to achieve those goals as well. 
He also stayed in touch with his students. He would text them on the weekends and in need anyone could call him anytime. He always had time for his students. To motivate his students, he praised them and complimented them. It would give a boost to their morale. 
He has a strong work ethic and his determination has made him one of the greatest teachers of Korea. He has been honoured with various awards such as Hong Jo Geun-jung Medal, 2009, Education’s after-school awards, 2011, National Sharing Grand Award, 2012, Model public servant, 2014, Korea Rural Community Talent Sharing Award, 2018, Global Teacher Prize Top 10 Finalist, 2020.
His work ethic, hard work and sincerity towards his work has made him the best teacher. His way of teaching has improved many lives. He is an inspiration for all the teachers around the globe. 


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