World’s tallest temple in the world: Brihadeeswara temple


These days high tech equipment is used in constructing buildings. That is why we get to see modern marvels like Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and Tokyo’s Skytree. But when advanced equipment like cranes and transportation technology did not exist, even then we can find shocking and amazing architectural structures in India. In Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, there is a 1,000 year old Brihadeeswara temple of Lord Shiva. The architecture of this temple is absolutely beautiful and stunning. 
This temple is an example of the Dravidian architecture which was built by Raja Raja Chola I. This temple is more than 216 feet high and more than 1,30,000 tons of granite is said to have been used to build it. The surprising fact is that there is neither a mountain or a rocky hill for approximately 60 kilometers around Thanjavur. It is said that with the help of 3000 elephants stones were brought from far away. The architecture of this temple is best known as interlock architecture which is based on puzzle technique. Puzzle technique means placing one stone with another stone just to lock it without using any cement. There is nothing in between the two stones. 
It has been seen that many ancient monuments like London’s Big ben, Italy’s Leaning Tower are tilting with time. But even after 1,000 years Brihadeeswara Temple is straight just as it was built. This is because of the temple’s puzzle or interlock technique. The other reason behind it is that the base of the temple is so wide that it has kept this tall temple straight for all these years. The other speciality of this temple is that it was built without digging the earth, which means on a plain land. This is astonishing! The stone placed at the top of this temple which is also known as Kumbam weighs around 81 tons which is carved out of a single rock. To lift this tone at the top of the temple, they made a ramp of around 6 kilometers long elephants, horses, buffaloes and labourers together carried the stone to the top of the temple. Time taken to place this stone at the top of the temple is approximately 6 years. 
At Vrindavan, Mathura, India, Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir is a temple which is under construction. As planned, it will be the tallest temple in the world. Its potential cost would be Rs. 300 crore. Planning of this temple is done by ISKCON Bangalore. The height of the temple as planned would be 700 feet (almost 70 floors). 


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