World’s only cotton sculptor: Anant Khairnar


Whenever you talk or think about sculptures, what do you think? Stone sculptures, metal sculptures or wooden sculptures? But have you ever heard of cotton sculptures? Probably not. In Nashik, Maharashtra, Anant Khairnar, is the world’s only cotton sculpture.
In 1987, when he was in college, he thought about doing something different on the eve of Ganesh Chathurthi. He thought of doing something creative with cotton. He along with his friends made a sculpture of lord Ganesha with cotton and hence birth was given to a form of art. But you must be wondering that cotton is so light in weight then how can sculptures be made from it? Mr. Anant Khairnar used chemistry for this problem. He experimented and made a solution which hardens this lightweight cotton. At room temperature, these volatile chemicals evaporate. The cotton becomes so tough that even a weight of 3 to 4 kilos can do no harm to the sculpture. This is so unbelievable. He first makes the frame and then starts craving cotton. As the cotton is fragile, he has to keep a lot of patience especially while craving facial features of the sculptures. It is because of his patience, hard work and creativity that has been recognised and awarded by Guinness World Records for making a sculpture of Mahatma Gandhi entirely from cotton wool which is seven and a half feet tall.
His journey was not easy. Firstly he sent a mini sculpture to the Guinness World Records but they rejected it as they didn’t have a category for this. But they proposed and challenged him to do something unique and big. Then he made this cotton sculpture of Mahatma Gandhi which is 7 ½ feet tall and 22 kgs of cotton has been used. This sculpture is unique, attractive and filled with creativity. He has clients all over the world. He wants to teach this art form to the world. He takes up art workshop classes in schools and universities. He has made 2,000 cotton sculptures till date. He deserves all the appreciation for this new art form.


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