World Water Day, 22 March: Drowning in water crisis


World Water Day is celebrated on 22nd March globally. Water is the most important element for all forms of life. Earth has approximately 1234 million trillion litres of water but out of this only 1% is freshwater which is suitable for drinking. More than 790 million people in the world do not have access to fresh water. 
Global water withdrawal rates have been constantly increasing. Water withdrawal is done for Reservoirs, Municipalities, Industries and Agriculture. According to statistics, the US has the highest water withdrawal per capita in the world. Important consideration should be laid to water footprints. Water footprint for 1 cotton T-shirt is 2700 litres whereas the global average water footprint of a chocolate is 17190 litre/kg. 
According to the International desalination Association, around 80 billion litres of water is being produced by desalination per day globally. Mexico is dealing with a huge water crisis. Rainwater does not get collected anywhere because of lack of lakes. The population has to mainly depend on excessive underground extraction. It is causing the city to sink. Nearly 40% of the freshwater is lost due to leakage. Similarly India is dealing with a water crisis. More than 50% of the population do not have access to safe drinking water. Every year nearly 2,00,000 people die because of lack of safe drinking water. 
Water is getting expensive in many countries with the passage of time. Cities with most expensive water in the world are Oslo, Tel Aviv, New York, Stockholm, Helsinki, Atlanta, Beirut, Santiago, New Orleans and Virginia Beach. Water crisis is a global problem and therefore solutions need to be found at global level. An extensive programme needs to be framed to educate people regarding the water crisis and exchange information regarding conserving water. 


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