Witness the beautiful sunset at Uluwatu temple, Indonesia


Uluwatu temple is a prominent Hindu temple in Bali, Indonesia. Its Balinese name is Pura Luhur Uluwatu. It means’ temple of the divine origin’. It is one of the nine directional temples that are believed to protect Bali from evil spirits. A strong credence among the people is that the three divine powers of the universe become one here.
The temple is devoted to Shiva Rudra, the divine power that controls all elements of the universe. The temple was made in the 10th century and many developments were made in the 11th century. Until 1983, the temple was inaccessible. The temple was restored in 1999 after a lightning strike.
The significant features of this temple attract many tourists throughout the world. Most of the temple is made from black coral rock. In the main courtyard there is a shrine which holds a 16th century limestone statue of Dhag Hyang Dwijendra, a hindu priest. According to a famous legend, the priest made his final pilgrimage at the uluwatu temple and achieved oneness with god. After that he vanished in a bolt of lightning. Another local legend portrays him as the architect of the temple. North and south of the main structure, beautiful stone paths run along the cliffs.
If you want to see the most beautiful sunset on this island, Uluwatu temple is the place to go. Tourists need to be aware of the local monkeys which have gained their reputation as thieves and snatchers. Interestingly, every night a fire dance is performed around Lord Hanuman, the monkey god. To enter the temple, you will require sarongs and sashes which can be hired at the entrance as well. A picturesque temple sunset at the Uluwatu temple will enrich your holiday to Bali, Indonesia.


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