With selfless efforts to save lives, Vikas Swarnakar is setting an example for the world


Road accidents have become common in every state and city. With increasing automobiles, road accidents are continuously increasing. Millions of lives have been lost due to accidents. Deceased’s families have to go through pain and trauma. To save precious lives, one person has been working towards the cause for many years now. Vikas Swarnakar is a prominent social worker of Dineshpur, Uttarakhand, India. Every person in the region knows him and respects him. For the last several years, he has been pursuing a special campaign ‘SAVE THE LIVES’. Special efforts are made to take injured people in road accidents to hospitals as soon as possible. In a conversation with Voice Asia News, Mr.Vikas has shared some personal insights and reason behind this campaign. He said that every year approximately 1.37 lakh people die in road accidents in the country. This is shocking. He further threw light on the fact that 75% of the people of the country do not come forward for help. If the victims are brought to the hospital in the first hour of the accident, more than half of the people can survive. The Law Commission’s 201st report also stated that according to doctors, in 50% of cases, the lives of accident victims can be saved if they are admitted to the hospital within an hour.He said that he had seen a young man die untimely due to a road accident. The condition of the deceased wife and child was miserable. He was unable to sleep after seeing that and made it a mission of his life to save lives. Today he is the owner of a transport company by the name of Radha Krishna Travels. Radha Krishna Travels today has become synonymous with unwavering faith. The journey from a tempo driver to a transport company owner was not easy. Today he is the source of inspiration for youth and he requests all the drivers associated with him that if you see any person on the road who has sustained any injury, then immediately get him admitted to the hospital. Many people have appreciated and joined his campaign. Vikas Swarnakar has been also honoured with the most prestigious award   “Uttarakhand Pride Award” for his extraordinary work.He is spreading awareness and also initiates sensitization drives so that people can become sensitive and concerned towards others. One should help others in the time of need. He is requesting everyone to lend a helping hand to accident victims and help them to reach the hospital as soon as possible. He has set an example with his selfless campaign. His efforts need all the appreciation and respect in the world. 


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