We have a target of 14 seats for the 15th general elections says Bung Moktar Radin


Datuk Seri Bung Moktar Radin, the chairman of Liaison, states that this year for the 15th general elections, they plan to target 14 seats out of 25.
He further states that Juara their part election affairs unit is conducting a study to see and choose the seats to contest the seats. They will keep a lot of factors in account like the support of people etc.
He further commented that Umno Sabah expects the seats contested by BN will not be less than the seats they had competed for in the 14th general elections. They want to win this election, and they are checking out geopolitics, the needs of the voters, and studying the locality needs.
During the 14th general elections, Umno had contested for 14 parliamentary seats in Saban, but now they have only two member parliaments,
Datuk Mohaman Alamin (kimanis) and Bung Moktar (Kinabatangan)
He also said that early negotiations like allocating the seats between Gabungan and BN should happen transparently. This should be based on the strength of the respective parties. He also emphasised that state ministers and assistant ministers should be more proactive and should go around so that they can address the plight of the people amidst covid 19 and under the movement control order period.
He ended this by saying that the Umno elected representative should make their momentum and continue working with people throughout and not only during the election time.


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