War over Taiwan would change world, says Australia ambassador to US Kevin Rudd

In a recent speech in Honolulu, Australia’s ambassador to the United States, Kevin Rudd, expressed grave concerns about the potential ramifications of a conflict over Taiwan. He compared the potential impact of such a war to that of World War II, warning that it could fundamentally alter the global landscape.

Rudd highlighted the significance of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s upcoming 71st birthday and suggested that if he aimed to achieve reunification with Taiwan, he might act within the next decade before reaching his 80s.

The ambassador noted the increasing tension surrounding Chinese military activities near Taiwan, particularly following the recent presidential election and the inauguration of President Lai Ching-te. While Taiwan and the United States lack formal diplomatic ties, the U.S. remains a crucial supporter of Taiwan’s defense.

Rudd emphasized the importance of recognizing China’s military signaling and the potential impact on U.S. deterrence in determining whether China will take action regarding Taiwan. He underscored the shared interest of the United States, China, and Taiwan in avoiding open military conflict over the island.

Rudd warned of the significant economic, political, and strategic consequences of such a conflict, suggesting they could rival those seen during World War II. He stressed that regardless of the outcome of such a conflict, the world would be profoundly changed, necessitating careful consideration and diplomatic efforts to prevent escalation.