Want Parliament to commence before August 1: Malaysia’s King


Despite the government’s commitment to have a session by October, Malaysia’s King wants Parliament to reopen before the state of emergency ends on August 1.
The chairmen of both Houses of the federal assembly stated in a joint statement on Wednesday (June 30) that Sultan Abdullah Ahmad Shah had “declared his perspective” during an audience on Tuesday, also attended by their deputies.
Lower House Speaker Azhar Harun and Senate President Rais Yatim remarked, “We declared our commitment and the complete preparedness of Parliament to convene as commanded by His Majesty.”
They went on to say that they had informed Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin of the situation and proposed that “a special sitting be conducted before August 1.”
Tan Sri Muhyiddin, hospitalized on Wednesday after suffering from diarrhea overnight, is unlikely to reply soon to the palace’s newest and most pointed message.
Since the King and eight other state rulers declared the legislature should gather as soon as possible in December, the question of when Parliament should meet for the first time since then has sparked passionate discussion.
The royal remarks came only a day after Mr. Muhyiddin announced a National Recovery Plan, which set a September or October date for a legislative session to take place once Malaysia’s worst Covid-19 wave had passed and lockdown limitations have been lifted.


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