Vinod Kumar Chaudhary: Inspiring millions with nine Guinness World Records


Patience, faith and will power are the true determinants of success. If you believe in yourself, then nothing is impossible. An apt example is set by a man belonging to a middle class family, who also faced health issues but today he has nine Guinness World Records in his name. He is Vinod Kumar Chaudhary.  
Vinod Kumar Chaudhary lives at Kirari Suleman Nagar, Delhi (India) with his wife, son and three daughters. At present he is working as a computer operator at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He has 9 Guinness World Records to his credit.
Since his childhood, his inspiration has been athlete Milkha Singh. He always dreamt of doing something in the field of sports. But destiny has its own course. He is achieving heights in the field of typing. 
He has many records in his name. The records made by Mr Chaudhary cherish the walls of a computer centre which he runs at home for disabled and poor children.
He was always fascinated by speed. As a child he was very enthusiastic about sports but as he grew up he could not pursue sports due to some health issues. He, then, developed a similar passion for speed on the computer. He made his first record in 2014 when he typed 103 characters in 46.30 seconds with his nose. This is the shortest time taken so far to do this kind of typing.
Once, he got his certificate for the record, it gave him a different kind of motivation and he started practising for more such records. He dedicated the next one year practising and in 2016 he made another two records.
In 2016, his second record was for fastest typing of all alphabets in 6.71 seconds that too blindfolded. In 2017, he made a record of typing all alphabets in 18.6 seconds while holding a stick in his mouth. 
He is unstoppable. In 2018, he broke his own record by doing the same in 17.69 seconds and then again in 2019 in 17.01 seconds. In 2019, for fastest typing with one finger he made another entry in the Guinness Book of World Record. He typed all alphabets in 29.53 seconds.
His aim is to make over 19 entries in the Guinness book, a record held by veteran cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. He keeps looking for new ideas and practising for them.
He wants to run a computer institute with complete infrastructure where he can also help the needy. Currently he is running the institute at home with few computers where students can practice. But he has financial restraints and wishes to expand his institute one day. 
He is providing training to underprivileged and disabled free of cost. He is serving the society in the best way he can and has made the nation proud. His is determined to inspire millions of people. Many of his students have been selected in various government and private organisations. He is an inspiration for people who are determined to achieve heights in their lives. 


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