Vegetable prices in Malaysia set to soar during monsoon season

The monsoon transition phase which will launch in drenching weather is anticipated to make an impact on vegetable harvests, increasing the possibility of higher prices in the approaching months. Federation of Vegetables Sellers Associations’ president Lee Kha Shiuann said that with the monsoon transition phase anticipated to go on until November, the prices of vegetables will be on the “high” side due to the wet spell.

The local vegetables that will be impacted are leafy greens like spinach and mustard leaves, he revealed. He also said that places like Cameron Highlands will discover vegetables like tomatoes, Japanese cucumber and sawi (choy sum) affected highly by the downpour. “It has been downpouring in many areas and there is a slight shortage of supply. “The wholesale price of tomatoes has raised. Two weeks ago, it was RM3 per kg (S$0.87 per kg), but now it has doubled to between RM6 and RM6.50,” he said, recognising it as an immense increase.

“However, there is no shortage currently, except a slight 20 per cent rise in prices for most vegetables compared to the last two weeks,” he conveyed. The Malaysian Meteorological Department had earlier revealed and warned that whilst this monsoon transition phase, the nation  would go through light winds from several directions, conducive to the occurrence of thunderstorms, mostly  accompanied by thick downpour and strong winds for short periods.