Uttarakhand Council of Biotechnology Makes History with Spinach Cultivation using Hydroponic Technique

The Uttarakhand Council of Biotechnology has made a groundbreaking achievement by registering its name in the International Book of Records for successfully cultivating spinach using the hydroponic technique. This remarkable feat was accomplished under the guidance of Dr. Shiv Prasad Kimothi, a member of the Agricultural Scientific Selection Board (ASRB) under the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, and Mr. Dal Chandra ji. The announcement was made during the National Conference on Biotechnological Intervention in Animal Production and Management held on June 27, 2023, at the Uttarakhand Council of Biotechnology in Haldi.

At the conference, Dr. Shiv Prasad Kimothi, Mr. Dal Chandra ji, and other distinguished guests, including the Regional Organization Minister of All India Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, North Region, and the Chairman of Ray Foundation, Mr. Kaushal Kumar, honored the Director of Uttarakhand Biotechnology Council, Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay Kumar, and Dr. Sumit Purohit, the scientist and in-charge of the Council’s external research center in Patwadangar (Nainital).

This recent recognition follows a previous achievement by Director Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay Kumar and scientist Dr. Sumit Purohit, who were honored with the Asian World Record for growing the longest spinach (30 cm) using the hydroponic method. Now, on June 27, 2023, they have received a certificate and medal from the International Book of Records, solidifying their place in the World Record of Excellence.

Dr. Sumit Purohit, expressing his gratitude, credited the success to the guidance provided by Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay Kumar, the Director of Uttarakhand Biotechnology Council. He further explained that the spinach grown through the hydroponic method contains almost all essential nutrients. A mixture of 13 elements is added to water, maintaining a pH value of 5.8-6, which results in the production of advanced and highly nutritious spinach.

The achievement was also attributed to the efforts of other scientists at the Uttarakhand Biotechnology Council, including Dr. Kanchan Karki, Dr. Manindra Sharma, Dr. Amit Purohit, Jitendra, Anuj, Saurabh, Chandrashekhar, and the council’s dedicated employees. Their ongoing research and dedication have brought significant recognition to the council.

Dr. Sumit Purohit extended his gratitude to Mr. Kaushal Kumar, Mrs. Priyanka Kulshrestha, Lalit Mishra, Babita, Laxman, Mahendra, and acknowledged the support and blessings of his parents, family, and teachers, attributing their guidance as crucial to this remarkable achievement.

The success of the Uttarakhand Council of Biotechnology in cultivating spinach using the hydroponic technique not only demonstrates the application of cutting-edge biotechnological interventions but also showcases the potential of hydroponics in producing nutrient-rich crops. This breakthrough has paved the way for further research and advancements in the field of biotechnology, offering new possibilities for sustainable agriculture and ensuring food security for future generations.