Unravel the magical healing powers by balancing the five elements


The human body or the human machine is the most complex of all machines in the world. The human body is built of five elements- water, earth, air, fire and space.
More than 70% of the body is water, 12% is earth, 6% is air, 4% is fire and the rest is space. If these five elements are taken care of, the human body can function in magical and fundamental ways.
In this 21st century, most of the population has become ignorant of how we can manage these five elements which constitute our body. The most important element is water because it constitutes more than 70% of the human body. There have been scientific studies and experiments where it has been proved that water retains energy, water is life and water has memory. The way a person approaches water, changes the energy of the water. The water should be kept in a place where it is untouched by negative vibrations. When you drink water, just hold it for a minute, be grateful and then drink the water. The way it will behave in your body will tremendously change. It is also said that keeping water in a copper vessel overnight is very beneficial for the body. Copper is a micro nutrient which is required by the human body. Thus drinking water from a copper vessel makes the water rich in the micro-nutrient.
The next important element is earth. Earth has its own energy. In earlier times, our ancestors used to sleep on the floor. Because it is not feasible in modern times, it is suggested that whenever possible, one should eat food without any distractions while sitting on the floor. In this way the earth element in the body will get balanced.
Next element is air, though its percentage is less, but because of the rate of exchange we have with the air, it is an important element. The quality of air is getting poorer day by day. To balance the air element, it is suggested that one should take regular walks near the lakes or in nature. Therefore a lot of attention is laid on the breath while doing meditation.
The fourth element is fire. To balance the element of fire, there is a practice which is known as fire meditation globally. You can light a candle or an oil lamp and stare through the fire for about three minutes. It is said to balance the fire element within us. The next element is space, the cosmos. Earlier our ancestors used to sleep on the terrace under the stars. But in modern times, one can balance the space element by simply bowing down to space and having gratitude. These are the most simple and mystical ways in which these five elements can be balanced. They look very simple and easy, but with regular practice one can observe the magical healing powers unravel.


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