Unlocking Asia’s Cultural Treasures: Join the UNESCO Heritage Quiz Competition

In an exciting event that promises to test the knowledge and acumen of students across Asia, the “Top 40 UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Asia” online quiz competition is set to take place this week. Organized by Voice Asia News, this competition is a unique opportunity for students to showcase their expertise on the rich cultural and historical heritage of the continent.

The competition will be held on three consecutive days, providing participants from different regions with the opportunity to join at a suitable time. On September 9, students in Malaysia can participate, followed by India on September 10 and Nepal on September 11.

This quiz competition will present participants with a series of questions related to the prominent UNESCO heritage sites scattered across Asia. In total, there will be 40 questions, each worth two marks. Participants will have 20 minutes to answer these questions and an additional 5 minutes to fill in their personal details. To ensure convenience, students can choose to use either their personal computers or mobile devices to participate in this online quiz competition.

The winner of this prestigious competition will be awarded a generous prize of $200. Meanwhile, the first runner-up will receive $100, and the second runner-up will be recognized with a prize of $50. In addition to these exciting cash rewards, certificates will be presented to all participants, commemorating their participation and achievement.

As the competition draws near, Manimaran Suppiah, Chief Editor of Voice Asia News Malaysia, extends his heartfelt best wishes to all the participants. This event not only celebrates the cultural diversity and historical richness of Asia but also promotes learning and knowledge-sharing among the youth.