UNESCO gives recognition to the Singaporean hawkers


Street food has always captured everyone’s attention, especially Asian street food, and now the hawkers of Singapore have gotten the much-needed recognition from UNESCO. UNESCO has inducted hawkers’ culture into a list known as intangible Cultural heritage of humanity, and now the Singaporean hawkers have joined the league alongside the other hawkers of the world.
The hawker culture of Singapore has been recognized by UNESCO, based on community dining, which is prevalent in Singapore. These hawkers have faced a lot because of the pandemic, and now this recognition is a ray of hope for them.
One thing that needs to be kept in mind that hawker culture just doesn’t mean food; it goes way beyond that; these joints are known as a centre point for communicating, socializing, office breaks, etc., so not only do you get to eat good food, but you can jam with your friends, create art, have conversations.
The food is affordable and popular amongst the tourists and locals, and you can find hawkers throughout the day. Singapore hawkers are known for reflecting the country’s multiculturalism, and you will always find influences of Indian, Malay, and Chinese cuisines. The best part is that these hawkers started their business way back in the 1960s and have seen Singapore growing and evolving in front of them.
Plus, this will give the consumers a sought-after experience and experience Singapore’s culture through their taste buds.


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