Undocumented Nationals


Generally, people are either citizens of a country or stateless. In international law, a stateless person is someone who is “not considered as a national by any state under the operation of its law”. But reality fails to give a true impression of this chasm. Between citizenship and statelessness there are millions of people who on the surface level are nationals of a country but they lack identity documentation to prove the same. Millions of people don’t even have a birth certificate. Not having the proper legal documents, undocumented nationals face challenges in their day to day lives which the citizens of a country are unaware of. Undocumented nationals face difficulty in enjoying the rights and services provided by their country. They are unable to exercise full citizenship because of a lack of evidentiary documentation. Their rights need to be protected. There is a necessity of global discourse for the protection of rights of undocumented nationals and save them from exploitation. 


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