UK’s Cameron to Lobby U.S. Lawmakers for Urgent Ukraine Military Aid

LONDON – British Foreign Secretary David Cameron is set to embark on a trip to the United States next week, where he will advocate for the approval of a crucial package of military aid for Ukraine. The proposed $60 billion aid package, comprising both military and financial assistance, has faced delays in the U.S. Congress, primarily due to opposition from Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson.

Expressing urgency, Cameron stated his intention to meet with Speaker Johnson during his visit to push for the swift passage of the aid package. He emphasized the critical importance of the aid for Ukraine’s security and stability, highlighting the contributions made by Britain and the European Union in support of Ukraine.

“Britain has committed its resources to Ukraine, and it’s time for America to do the same,” Cameron asserted in a statement on the social media platform X. “Speaker Johnson has the power to advance this cause in Congress, and I intend to convey the urgent need for this assistance during our meeting next week.”

This advocacy trip follows Cameron’s previous calls to Republican lawmakers to prioritize the aid package, invoking historical parallels to the pre-World War II era. In February, he urged against repeating the mistakes of the past by demonstrating resolve and support for Ukraine’s defense against aggression.

As tensions persist in the region, Cameron’s diplomatic efforts underscore the international community’s determination to bolster Ukraine’s capabilities in the face of external threats, signaling a united front in support of its sovereignty and security.