Ukraine PM to Meet EU Leaders in Prague for Military Aid Talks

PRAGUE – Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal is set to meet with a group of European Union leaders in Prague on Tuesday to discuss military aid for Ukraine amid its ongoing conflict with Russia. Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala confirmed the meeting, emphasizing the importance of coordination and support for Ukraine during these critical times.

Fiala announced that the first shipments of ammunition, procured through a Czech-led initiative sourcing supplies from outside the EU, are expected to reach Ukraine in June. “We will discuss all issues related to coordination and strengthening of aid for Ukraine in these tough moments,” Fiala stated during a live televised briefing.

The working meeting, held over dinner on Tuesday evening, will include the prime ministers of the Netherlands, Denmark, and Latvia, as well as the Polish president. These leaders represent some of the strongest European supporters of military aid for Ukraine.

The Netherlands has pledged to deliver components of a Patriot air defense system to Ukraine and is collaborating with other countries to provide a complete system. This commitment underscores the ongoing efforts of EU nations to bolster Ukraine’s defense capabilities.

Fiala echoed NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg’s stance, advocating for the removal of restrictions that have prevented Ukraine from using donated weapons to strike Russian territory. This position highlights the increasing support within NATO for more robust military assistance to Ukraine.

As the conflict continues, the meeting in Prague represents a critical step in solidifying and enhancing European military aid to Ukraine, ensuring that Kyiv receives the necessary resources to defend itself against Russian aggression.