UCOST and Brainywood Foundation establish unique Brain Science Lab for stress-free education

Science and technology have been an integral part of Indian culture for centuries, and India has a rich history of scientific advancements dating back to ancient times. Today, science and technology continue to play a critical role in shaping the future of India, and organizations like the Uttarakhand Council for Science & Technology (UCOST) are at the forefront of fostering scientific talent and creativity in the country’s youth.

Under the guidance of Director General Durgesh Pant, UCOST is establishing new dimensions of success in the field of science education. Recently, UCOST signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Brainywood Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Guinness World Record Holder Dr. Vinod Sharma, who has been working for the last 14 years to improve memory and reduce mental stress among Indian students.

The MoU between UCOST and the Brainywood Foundation marks the establishment of a unique brain science center at the Regional Science Center (RSC) in Dehradun, where children can learn about a range of subjects related to science, including geological life, robotics, space science, climate change, energy, and artificial intelligence.

During the opening ceremony of the brain science lab, Dr. Sharma explained to Dr. Pant and other members of UCOST about brain science and how it is the fourth dimension of learning. He emphasized that by using brain science techniques, students can reduce their study time and stress levels, while also improving their memory and ability to learn.

Dr. Pant praised the establishment of the Brain Science Lab, noting that it will prove to be a milestone in providing stress-free education to the children of the whole country. The lab is an important step towards fostering scientific talent and creativity in Indian youth, and it will help to ensure that the next generation of scientists and technologists have the tools they need to succeed in their fields.

The establishment of the brain science lab is a testament to the important role that science and technology continue to play in shaping the future of India. With organizations like UCOST leading the way, India is poised to remain at the forefront of scientific advancements for years to come.