Two Malaysian Policemen Arrested for Alleged Extortion at Sultan Iskandar Checkpoint

Two Malaysian police officers were apprehended for suspected extortion at the Bangunan Sultan Iskandar (BSI) Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine (CIQ) checkpoint, leading to their remand for three days as investigations unfold.

The suspects, aged 32 and 33, were detained around 1.50 pm on April 5 and granted a remand order by magistrate R. Salini under Section 385 of the Penal Code for extortion.

The arrests followed a report lodged by a 29-year-old victim in the early hours of April 5, detailing his encounter with the officers during immigration clearance at the BSI. Allegedly, the victim was detained by the officers, who falsely accused him of having a criminal record. Subsequently, they demanded RM2,000 to prevent his arrest and detention.

Johor police chief Comm M. Kumar affirmed the commitment of the police force to combat integrity issues and criminal misconduct among its personnel. He emphasized a zero-tolerance approach, ensuring that strict action would be taken against any officer involved in criminal activities, in line with the principle of equality under the law.

During a press conference organized by Johor MCA youth chief Heng Zhi Li, the victim recounted his ordeal, alleging that he was escorted to multiple ATM machines by one of the suspects to withdraw money. Despite claiming an empty bank account, the victim withdrew RM1,000 before feigning an asthma attack to escape with the assistance of a passing local couple.

The incident underscores the ongoing efforts to uphold integrity within law enforcement agencies and the importance of holding accountable those who abuse their positions of authority.