Two giant rubber ducks debut in Hong Kong in bid to drive ‘double happiness’

Artist Florentijn Hofman, did a magical creation which is overflowing people with excitement. In Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, a pair of rubber ducks , 18 m high, yellow in colour have been set to sail for two weeks. The artist has high hopes that these two beautiful ducks will melt the stress of the city and sprinkle smiles and joy on the faces of people who look at it. Mr Hofman explains his idea of two ducks as ” twice the fun, double the happiness “

Mr Hofman, who drew  inspiration from a world map and rubber duck to make his huge inflatable rubber duck installation. He started a world tour beginning from the Netherlands in 2007, making stops in harbours from France to Brazil. This initiative is being celebreted and cherished by all as it is genuinely bringing smiles on the faces of people. The place where people dealt with pandemic, wars and political wars, this kind of initiative was much required to restore hopes, love and excitement.People have been seen enjoying the view of ducks . People have gathered to enjoy the precious, heart melting moment.