Travelling amidst the pandemic!


Wondering what new quarantine rules are? Let us take a look.

Singaporean authorities, after noticing that they’re has been a surge of cases in various parts of Malaysia have revised the border restrictions, and reduced the quarantine time period for the people travelling from Hongkong.

Travellers who are entering Singapore after visiting the Sabah state of Malaysia will have to undergo a 14 days stay at home quarantine and the designated facilities starting from the 14th October. Whereas, people who are coming from various other parts of Malaysia will have to be in isolation for seven days at their specific residence.

But there is good news for travellers coming from Hong kong! They will now have to get quarantines for seven days at their home, and this is a drastic change as they had to get quarantines for two weeks that too at designated facilities.

The health ministry stated that the risk of importation from travellers varies from country to country. Thus they are calibrating the border measurements as per the latest developments taking place in the countries and the respective regions so that they assess the amount of risk the community will face.

As per the new rules, laid down by the health ministry people travelling from Indonesia and Philippines will just have to show a negative Covid 19 test report so that they can enter or transfer through the country, but this doesn’t apply to the permanent residents and Singaporean citizens.

Under the new rules, travellers from Indonesia and the Philippines will be required to present a negative Covid-19 test before being allowed to enter or transfer through the city-state. However, this will not apply for Singaporeans and permanent residents.

In the Asia Pacific regions, Australia is going to reopen their borders for the citizen’s of Newzealand, and are also planning to do open their gates for tourists coming from Singapore, Japan and South Korea.

New Zealand, on the other hand, is allowing international postgraduate students to come back.

In the case of South Korea, they have dropped their distance rules to the minimum and people are slowly going on the streets and continuing their pre covid rituals.

Malaysia has tightened the restrictions in Kuala Lumpur for the people visiting the country.


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