Transforming education sector with robot assistants


Education sector is transforming all over the world. New developments and mechanisms are being used to provide quality education. In Seoul, South Korea, robots are deployed at various nursery schools and childcare centres. Robots are assistants to teachers. They help them to manage work successfully and easily. 
There are times when it becomes difficult for teachers to read to everyone, the robots help them. Robots read stories to children in a very entertaining manner which keeps the students more engaged and interested in the subjects. Children operate the robots and participate in activities together. It is helping to enhance creativity amongst children. The name of the robot is ‘Alpha Mini’. The robot has been incorporated into the daily class schedule. 
One of the aims of the city government’s plan is to prepare the students for a high tech future. Han Dong Seog, team leader of Childcare Division of Seoul Metropolitan Government, said that they are loaning these robots to 60 new nursery schools every month. 
The robots can teach kung-fu moves, recite stories, lead sing-a-longs and dance. It can also do one legged balances and push ups for children to mimic. Children sing and dance together with the robots. 
Playing with the robot makes children happy. Learning has become fun and thus easy. Robots can not replace teachers but they assist them well. It is clear that in the near future knowing how to manage artificial intelligence and related tools will be imperative. Gaining this wonderful experience in primary schools will have a lasting effect throughout their youth and as adults. 


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