Toxic Leak Suspected in Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula


A suspected toxic spill has killed more than 95% of marine life on the surrounding sea bed in Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula. This mysterious incident has been investigated for many weeks. The problem was identified first by the local surfers as more than 20 people in the surf camp complained of severe retinal burns and food poisoning. The water was also changing color to greyish-yellow and thick foam formed on the surface. The air was filled with a strong foul smell. After a few days, seals, starfishes and octopuses along with other sea creatures began to wash up on the surface of the beach. Local scientists reported that more than 95% of the marine life was dead. Russia’s Investigative Committee has launched a criminal probe into the matter. The entire marine life is under threat now. The entire sea bed is brimming with corpses of dead animals. It is still unclear regarding what has caused the contamination. It is a catastrophic ecological disaster.


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