Tourism is the Corona Era


    Travel and tourism are undoubtedly an advantageous way of connection between nations which flourishes economic, social and cultural growth of nations across the globe. But, it is quite disheartening that due to the proliferation of the Corona Virus, the tourism industry has been put to a halt. Already the economic conditions of countries have been shaken and fallen out of their places due to lockdown, when the tourism industry is put on ice , it seems to be affecting the oceans of people in a terrible way. So many people only hold up to tourism to earn money. Tourism weaves livelihood for a number of people like tourist guides, tourist taxi drivers, people who own hotels, restaurants, people who work in hotels and restaurants, local shopkeepers. But, now as tourists aren’t visiting at all, all these people have become almost jobless. COVID 19 has affected transportation services and accommodation services. It has made economic systems hit a sudden and painful downfall overall for the entire nations. There is nothing which can be done in a scenario like this where it is not safe to even step out of your house, the idea of traveling and tourism is shattered into pieces. The government must take notice of this matter gravely. Employment should be provided to all those people who have been dependent on tourism for income and now they are helplessly jobless. 
    The government can take some necessary steps to heal this turmoil.
    1. Business tourism can be reopened with a lot of mandatory safety rules like wearing mask, gloves, sanitizing hands, proper distancing, changing clothes often and drinking lots of warm fluids. 
    2. It seems challenging at the moment to restart the tourism industry. But, reopening of the small sectors can be done so that the workers who have been working like- vendors, local shopkeepers can earn their livings.
    3. Restrictions on travelling to hotels and restaurants can be eased with strong and stringent rules of proper hygiene and best possible social distancing.There should be rules related to how many number of people can enter in a hotel or restaurant and a tourism spot. 
    Such little steps taken by the government can ensure the tourism industry to get its place back and to heal economic loss which our globe has been suffering since the pandemic has occurred.


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