To relieve pandemic stress in Japan, people do freezing waterfall meditation


Takigyo or waterfall meditation is a centuries old buddhist ritual in Japan. Takigo is another name of waterfall meditation. This practice is famous throughout the country. People undergo this ritual to cleanse their body, mind and soul. 
Recently, eleven people took part despite a chilly temperature. People come here as a part of their yearly training as well. Without performing this ritual, people do not start their new year. 
The annual ritual has been carried out for centuries at a temple in Nakano city. In 2021, the annual event was seen as a way to ease the stress of the pandemic. Covid pandemic is a terrible time in the uncertain world. The experience allows you to go through self discovery. The journey to reach the temple is itself beautiful and rewarding. The valley is covered with thick green forests and a clear blue river flows by your side. Sometimes animals like deer also appear on the roads. 
The priests at the temple also explain the significance of the waterfall meditation. As we take shower daily to cleanse our body, in the same manner waterfall meditation is done to cleanse the soul. 
Proper Takigyo clothes are given which represent buddhist culture. The clothes are white in color and peculiar. Before entering the waterfall, people usually chant scriptures and mantras and clap their hands together. It is said to prepare the body and give a certain warmth before entering into the freezing water. The mantras and scriptures are believed to cleanse the body and mind. 
According to the ritual, first of all the hands are wet and then head. Afterwards the person stands beneath the waterfall. The experience is refreshing and relaxing. The mantras and scriptures purifies the mind. 
Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people are stressed and depressed. This waterfall meditation technique can be used throughout the world to relieve stress. 


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