TikTok to invest ‘billions of dollars’ in S-E Asia to help region’s businesses: CEO Chew Shou Zi

Tik – Tok which is an app for sharing videos will be expanding its functions, pumping “billions of dollars” in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in South-east Asia for also being a useful tool for businesses. Its main theme is entertainment right now, but in the coming years, it will also be used for businesses. Mr. Chew is saying that they are delighted to be investing billions in South East Asia for more than 15 million small businesses. Young people who are dreaming to do entrepreneurship in future will be majorly benefited from this major investment and effort to make Tik – Tok a more useful app.

The app would also risk money in providing training, doing advertisements and helping small vendors who are interested to be a part of its e-commerce platform TikTok Shop. Millions of people are immensely active on Tik Tok including 325 million in the region, who use it for other purposes like strengthening  local communities and businesses to reach out to more number of people. lawmakers in Europe and Canada have in recent months made efforts to restrict access to TikTok, concerning that the app and its parent company ByteDance may take advantage of the data of its users in a wrong way.India restricted Tik-Tok in 2020, while countries like Australia, France and Britain have restricted Tik Tok from official devices for preventing misuse of information.