There will be more cyclones than usual in East Asia


Around half of the 20 tropical cyclones will probably hit the western pacific ocean from June till September this year. Tropical cyclones, also known as typhoons, hurricanes, etc., are usually very fast and have a speed ranging between 63kph to 250 kph. The rains and winds are accompanying them destroy the coastal area terribly.
Storms like these are known for bringing havoc and have caused damage worth $175 billion all across Asia. As per the forecasts, five such storms will hit Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, eastern china and southern china. It is also believed that Japan and Korea too might experience such storms.
This number is near above normal and is going to exceed the 30 average of this region. The average from April to September has been 13.5 cyclones. Global warming and the rise in the temperatures of air and sea surface is also the reason behind this.
Since the temperature is higher than the global average, the western side of the pacific ocean is experiencing more storms.


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