The US withdraws the ban on WeChat and tik tok: China welcomes the move


The Chinese government released a statement today wherein they stated that they appreciate the move by the US government on withdrawing the executive orders which were aimed at banning Chinese apps like WeChat and TikTok. This is a positive step as both countries have strained ties.
They further stated that they hope the US will treat these companies fairly and work on avoiding politicising the economy and trade issues.
On 9th June, the president of the US, Joe Biden, withdrew a series of orders made by Donald Trump, the former president, which sought a ban on new downloads of apps like tik to, WeChat etc. Mr Biden aslo ordered the commerce department of the US to review the security threats posed by these apps and other Chinese apps.
The department is asked to mae recommendations with a period of 120 days so that US data acquired by these companies and foreign adversaries can be controlled.
As per the analysts, this move by Mr Biden shows signs of a calibrated approach as these orders never went into effect because the courts blocked these orders. This is also a way for the US to have the bargaining chips while negotiating with China.


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