The ultimate evolution of a chess board: World’s smartest chessboard


The game of chess was invented in India. And the world’s smartest chessboard has also been invented by India. Two engineers from Maharashtra, Bhavya Gohil and Aatur Mehta have designed the world’s smartest chess board in which you do not need a physical opponent to play the game of chess. When a person moves a piece of chess, the board automatically makes the opponent’s move. Chess is a game in which you need a competitive opponent and now this problem has been solved by these two genius engineers. 
The technology used to make this smart chess board is tele-robotics. There is a robotic arm inside the board and the pieces of chess are magnetic. An electromagnet is fitted inside the board. There is bluetooth inside the board and an arm processor which processes the information and calculates which move should be made next. From designing to engineering, everything about this chessboard is amazing. The chess board and its pieces are made from wood. The pieces are hand carved. 
The engineers made the prototype during their engineering days and now the world’s smartest chess board is available in the market. The grand king set of this smart chess board is available for Rs 35,000. More than 7,000 people around the globe possess this chess board now. These engineers have technical knowledge with great business minds. Currently they are working towards making other board games smart. They are designing a multiple amart board game in which the top of the game would be replaceable. Therefore a person can play multiple smart board games on a single smart board. This idea is genius. Celebrities like Aamir Khan and Vishwanathan Anand have also purchased the world’s smartest chess board game.


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