The significance of lightning oil lamps


Before the electric lights became popular, lighting oil lamps was a part of tradition in many countries around the globe. Today their use is limited because of electric lights and those who use oil lamps today use them for visual appeal. But there is a lot more to this simple oil lamp than just providing light. 
A few hundred years ago it was not possible to do anything without an oil lamp. Houses were also constructed in a way that it was dark inside even during the daytime. Therefore oil lamps were lit up even during the daytime and a place of worship was created around it. It was the tradition to create the right atmosphere, a lamp was lit. But today we have electric lights, so why lit a lamp? 
Those who light oil lamps even today, they know that after you light a light, you will feel a certain difference. The moment a lamp is lit, not just the flame itself, but acretain etheric sphere is created around it. Communication is always better when there is an etheric sphere. Have you ever sat around a bonfire campfire? The stories told around a campfire will have a deeper impact than that same story told otherwise. A person becomes receptive around the etheric sphere. 
When a lamp is lit, it fills the atmosphere with a certain kind of energy. If a lamp is lit with sesame oil or ghee, it creates a powerful field of positive energy. Fire is a source of life and source of light in many ways. Life is referred to as fire in many languages. There is a fire of life inside us that keeps us going. Sun, a fireball, is the source of life for this entire Planet. Fire is driving life in this world. Therefore when we light an oil lamp, we are invoking the fire of life within us.  


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