The Science behind Namaste


Indian culture is based on the scientific foundation that is thousands of years old. The practices we see as blind superstitions have logical explanations behind them. There is deep meaning and significance behind the gesture of Namo namaste. The gesture of Namaste is bringing the palms together and bowing down.
Hinduism is more about the soul than the body. So when you say namaste to someone, you are bowing down to the soul of another person in respect. When the other person acknowledges back your salutation with namaste, you develop a spiritual connection with the other person. The spiritual connection enhances positive connectivity and boosts a positive aura.
When we join both hands, the fingertips of both hands touch each other, which are linked with various pressure points in the mind, eyes and ears. The namaste mudra activates these pressure points and ensures greater well being. It is also said that when the pressure points get activated, you will remember the person for a longer time. Managing pressure points has various health benefits. Our palms have a lot of nerve endings. This is the science behind mudras. Just by holding our hands in certain ways, the health of the body and mind can be nourished and improved.
The namaskar may have originated from Hinduism, but it is not related to anyone religion. The spiritual enlightenment and health benefits this one simple gesture contains is phenomenal and should be used to save humanity. It is the source of humanity that is far away from ego and negativity.


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