The problem of Student Absenteeism


One of the biggest problems all educational institutes are facing globally is student absenteeism. It is common for a student to miss some lessons for a reason. But if a student intentionally avoids lessons, that is called student absenteeism. It is also an early warning sign of stress, anxiety and social isolation. The rate at which this problem is on the rise is alarming. Chronic absenteeism can also lead a child to drop out of school eventually. The reason for student absenteeism should be properly analyzed by the school authorities and proper measures should be taken in time. If the student is absent for proper reasons like health concerns, then proper assistance should be given by schools to avoid unnecessary stress on students. Absenteeism leads to lower academic performance which ultimately deteriorates mental health as well as hinders learning. All the educational institutes can apply different approaches to avoid student absenteeism. There should be personalized attendance reports which should be given to the parents or the guardian of a child. Awards and financial assistance can be given as a reward for students with high attendance. Negative peer influence and inferiority complex can also be the reasons for absenteeism which need to be dealt with early. It is often found that poor grades are a major reason for student absenteeism. It is the responsibility of the schools and teachers to make sure that all the students are getting equal attention and no one feels avoided. Students with poor grades should be given extra classes so that they can improve in the concerned subject. These little steps will not only improve attendance rates but will also improve the overall quality of education of a student as well as of the educational institution.


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