The problem of Overcrowded Classrooms


Education is all about learning and enhancing skills. But to learn, a student needs an optimum environment. The problem of overcrowded classrooms has prevailed for ages. In an overcrowded classroom, it is impossible for a teacher to pay attention to every student. Students do not get to participate in the class. This results in poor learning. For an effective education system, the reduction of class size is imperative. Various researches have been conducted globally which clearly established that reduction in classroom size improved the overall results of the students. If a class size is reduced, then the teacher can pay attention to every student as well as at the same time a student gets to participate in the classroom activities enthusiastically. When an individual gets proper attention from the teacher, he learns faster and performs better. It also results in better communication between the teacher and the student. With a reduction in class size, a teacher will be able to give proper feedback to the student and his parents. It will also enable students to have a better understanding of their peers. Hence for an educational institute to improve its performance, the necessary step is to reduce the class size.


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