The Prime Minister of Australia favors electric vehicles but opposes incentives and targets


During a fierce campaign ahead of Australia’s previous election, Minister Scott Morrison famously claimed that an opposition proposal to promote electric vehicles (EVs) would “destroy the weekend” and all but wreck daily life for ordinary Australians, the majority of whom rely on private automobiles. However, in a startling political reversal, he has embraced electric vehicles in the run-up to the next election scheduled for May.
Mr. Morrison made his first public appearance at a renewable fuel plant in Victoria. He announced a A$250 million (S$245 million) plan to build charging stations around the country, which is seen as the beginning of his campaign. The funds will be used to create 1,000 public charging stations and charging stations for over 50,000 households and 400 businesses. Charging stations are critical in huge countries like Australia, where many individuals travel great distances between population centers.
When challenged about his previous comments that EVs “would not tow your boat” and couldn’t “carry you out to your favourite camping place with your family,” Mr. Morrison denied criticizing the technology. He added that he opposes EV sales targets and subsidies, preferring to stimulate the development of technology and infrastructure that would make the vehicles more affordable.
“I want Australians to have a choice about what sort of car they want to drive,” he told Parliament.
“We want to make sure that technology costs come down so that Australians can buy electric cars (EVs).”


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