The interests of China and Taiwan are best served by peaceful reunification: Xi


Reunification with Taiwan “will be and may be realised” as China strives for national rejuvenation, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on the eve of the self-ruled island’s national day on Saturday (Oct 9).
In a televised address commemorating the 110th anniversary of the 1911 revolution that ousted the last Qing emperor and led to the establishment of the Republic of China in 1912, he emphasised that peaceful reunification is in the best interests of both the mainland and Taiwan. The 1911 Xinhai Revolution prompted a quest for a route to national renewal.
“Compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait should join hands to accomplish China’s total reunification and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,” Mr Xi stated.
“Those who forsake their heritage, betray their homeland, and attempt to split the country will come to no good end,” he warned, adding that “the Taiwan dispute is strictly a Chinese internal problem that brooks no outsider involvement.” Mr Xi said, “The total reunification of our country will be and can be realised.”
He stated that the Taiwan issue emerged from the Chinese nation’s weakness and turmoil and that it will be resolved once national rejuvenation becomes a reality.
After losing the civil war to the communists in 1949, Kuomintang soldiers left the Chinese mainland and withdrew to Taiwan. Since then, the island’s rulers have maintained their claim to be China’s official government. On Saturday, Mr Xi, who had previously established 2049 as the target year for national rejuvenation, said that it had become a historical inevitability.


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