Thaksin Endorses PM Srettha as Transition Leader Amidst Political Shifts

BANGKOK – Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has voiced his support for Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, citing him as a suitable leader during a transitional period in the country’s politics. Thaksin, a prominent figure in Thai politics despite years of self-imposed exile, also highlighted the credentials of his daughter, Paetongtarn Shinawatra, as the head of the ruling Pheu Thai party.

In a pre-recorded message aired at the Pheu Thai party’s annual meeting on April 5, Thaksin commended Srettha’s experience and leadership capabilities, particularly amid the current political landscape characterized by the presence of multiple parties. Thaksin’s return from exile in August and subsequent parole in February have fueled speculation about his role and influence in Thai politics, especially considering his family’s historical dominance in elections.

While Thaksin emphasized his official retirement from politics, he expressed confidence in his daughter’s ability to lead Pheu Thai to victory in the upcoming 2027 election. Thaksin praised Paetongtarn’s qualities, citing her resilience, political acumen, and her inherited traits from both him and her mother.

The endorsement of both Srettha and Paetongtarn underscores the evolving dynamics within the Thai political landscape and raises questions about the future direction of governance in the country. Despite lingering speculation about Thaksin’s influence, Srettha has asserted his authority as the head of the government, indicating a potential shift in power dynamics amidst Thaksin’s return to the political forefront.