Thailand expecting heavy rain as tropical storm Talim makes its way to Vietnam

Thailand is looking forward to heavy downpour as tropical storm Talim is showing its way to Vietnam Heavy downpour is tentatively going to happen in several slices of Thailand including the Greater Bangkok area as Talim heads to Vietnam. Most areas of Thailand can expect heavy to extremely  heavy rain from Sunday to Thursday as a tropical storm strengthens on its way to Vietnam. Talim is forming off the coast of the Philippines and is tentatively going to strengthen into a tropical storm as it enters Vietnam on Tuesday.

The Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) said on Saturday that Talim will then move past China’s Hainan Island in the South China Sea before it landfalls in northern Vietnam between Tuesday and Wednesday. Afterwards, heavy rain can be expected in most areas of Thailand which also involves the Greater Bangkok area. TMD director-general Chomparee Chompurat said there may be flash floods in low-lying zones and areas near waterways. The TMD also conveyed the tropical storm was expected to boost the seasonal south-westerly monsoon in the South and the Gulf of Thailand. This would result in sturdy winds and high waves both in both the western and eastern coasts of the South. Waves ranging from 2m to 4m high can be expected, Ms Chomparee said.