Thailand declares State of emergency- bans mass gatherings


    The ongoing 2020 Thai protests are a series of protests against the government of Prayut Chan-o-cha that have enclosed demands for reform of the Thai autocracy. It formally started in February 2020 and was dropped to a halt owing to the covid-19 pandemic. The protests again resumed in July, 2020. Protesters are demanding Mr Prayith’s resignation, the writing of a new constitution and limits on the monarchy’s powers and wealth. On September 19, 2020 more than 90,000 protestors gave an open challenge to King Vajiralongkorn who has been the king of Thailand since 2016. The king has taken ownership of tens of billions of dollars worth of crown property and has also put two army regiments under his direct command. now Thailand has declared a state of emergency and has cracked down on demonstrators. Authorities have arrested leaders of protest movements demanding limits on the king’s power. An emergency had to be declared because of an incident. Queen Suthida, wife of King Vajiralongkorn was passing in a motorcade. Protestors taunted the Queen as she passed and shouted “our tax money”. It has happened for the first time in the history of Thailand. After the state of emergency was declared, about 10,000 anti-government protesters rallied at Bangkok’s Democracy monument before marching to the government house. They broke through the police barricades and surrounded the building, pressing their demand for the resignation of Mr. Prayuths administration.


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