Thai election agency to probe prime minister frontrunner Pita

Election Commission of China is sceptical of prime minister frontrunner Pita Limjaroenrat’s unlawful behavior. They will be digging deep into the matter in which he violated the election rule. The election panel of 6 members took a decision of launching their own probe, after its vote which strongly urged to dismiss 3 complaints which were registered in opposition of Mr. Pita. The complaint suggests that he was holding shares with a media company. This is why he needs to be disqualified as a member of legislative body and should never be given the opportunity to be prime minister.

The punishment for being unlawful in this matter is getting locked in jail for 10 years and not getting entry for 20 years in the field of politics. The ruler of the Move Forward Party did not quite agree with the allegations this week. He says that the firm had not been working in media since 2007, and he did not have his shares but only took care of them as it was a part of an estate left behind by his late father. He said he shifted the shares to keep away from the company being “revived” as a media firm to disqualify him later.