Technology binding teachers together


A teacher is the one whose sacrifices never go unnoticed, and they are the reason we are. Today we are going to talk about one such teacher who calls themselves an unpublished being. Dr Beatriz Lucia Salvador Bizotto was born in the last century in the last millennium and continuously struggled with the 20th and 21st-century dilemma.
From teaching through the normal chalk and blackboard method and going through the vertical formation of the 20th century to struggling with the 21st-century horizontal hierarchy, which is challenged and has tons of technology to tackle.
Dr Beatriz Lucia says being a teacher in the 21st century feels like a person imprisoned in the blackboard and chalk and hanging with a thread that is ready to break. Surprisingly! He is glad that the thread broke. Dr Beatriz believes that COVID bought one thing that has been postponing for 20 years, and this is what the education system needed as it broke the deeply rooted paradigms and streamlined everything.
Though transferring from blackboard to computer screen took a huge hit, he, of course, lost the analogue identity and switching to a new digital identity came with lots of information and dealing with stress and anxiety at the same time. But Dr Beatriz didn’t stop; perseverance, persistence, and tenacity helped them overcome the challenges, which helped them meet important people at the national and international level.
The best part? They got invited to attend an international academic conference in India where they discuss the theme and strategies that have been adopted by brazil. Dr Beatriz accepted the invitation even without speaking English. They used an interpreter to attend the conference, which further helped them form a network of contacts with several international universities.
All this proves that the digital world has bound us together and will help reform each and every aspect of our life, the most important being education.


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