Taking a call : from candlestick phone to smartphone

The earliest telephones had two sets joined by a single cord. Those could connect only two places. Now we have wireless phones and we can talk to anyone anywhere in the world. We can also see the person we are talking to via video call now. The candlestick phone was the earliest telephone which was mass produced. It had a mouthpiece and an earphone that was held to the ear during a call. It lasted well into the 1920s. Then rotary dial phones came in the 1930s. It became very popular. It has both the receiver and transmitter in the same unit with a rotary dial. In the 1960s, push-button dialing phones were used which were a lot easier to use than the rotary dial phone. It had electronic keys for dialing. In the 1980s, Japanese company Sony introduced the first cordless phone to the market. It is an astonishing fact that the first cells had to be charged for around 10 hours to give 30 minutes of battery life.  In Finland, 1999, the Nokia 3210 became one of the most popular and successful phones in history. It had three games, customizable ringtones and covers could also be changed. In Finland, 2005, Nokia launched the N70. It introduced a phone to the world which had a camera, GPS and music player. Two years later, Apple launched the iPhone, a touchscreen smartphone.