Taiwan’s president confirmed that US Marines are training their military on the island


President Tsai Ing-wen stated in an interview that a limited number of US troops are stationed in Taiwan to train alongside the Taiwanese military, confirming the presence of US troops on a Chinese Island.
China sees Taiwan as a renegade colony that must be reunified, even if it means force. Tensions between Taipei and Beijing have risen in recent weeks as China’s military and political pressure has increased.
“We have a wide spectrum of collaboration with the US aimed at enhancing our defence capacity,” said Ms. Tsai.
When asked how many US troops are stationed in Taiwan, she responded, “not as many as people assumed.” When questioned about Ms. Tsai’s remarks, China’s foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Thursday, “Taiwan independence is a dead end, and those who embrace it would likewise have no turning back.”
“The United States should comply with the One China Principle… and not whatever it concocts unilaterally,” he said, adding that military and diplomatic contacts with Taiwan should end. The confirmation comes as China ramps up military pressure on Taiwan, including multiple operations by Chinese jets in Taiwan’s air defense identification zone.
While various Taiwanese and foreign news organizations, including Reuters, have previously reported such training with US forces, formal confirmation may exacerbate US-China tensions when Beijing is conducting military drills near Ta.


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