Students of SARC School, Nepal visit DPS Rudrapur on Educational Tour

Because of the constantly changing world, opportunities and challenges go hand in hand. Education plays the most important role in shaping the future of the young. Opening schooling is the new way to remove any obstacles in learning. Students can learn at their own pace without any pressure. This makes learning efficient and effective. Education tours and exchange programmes are another way to educate children about academic practices, culture, traditions and brotherhood.

SARC Open School, under the sponsorship of Prones Asia, reached India on a four-day educational tour from Nepal.  On the second day, students visited Delhi Public School, a premier educational institution in Uttarakhand. They were accompanied by Mr. Manoj Kumar Yadav (Academic Director), Ms. Pavitra (Biology Faculty), Ms. Nikita Kharal (Medical Laboratory Scientist). They had an interactive session with the students of DPS Rudrapur.

Students from both sides shared their knowledge in academics and Co-Curricular activities. Students from SARC Open School were excited & curious to see the facilities and infrastructure such as Robotics Lab, Innovation Lab, Terrace Garden, Shooting Range, Science Lab, 3-D Lab etc. Students of SARC Open School appreciated the holistic approach towards learning and development made at Delhi Public School, Rudrapur. They attended the classes and interacted with the students and teachers.

An interactive session was conducted for them with students of DPS, Rudrapur where they shared about academic practices, culture & traditions of both countries. Students expressed gratitude to Honorable Chairman Shri Surjit Singh Grover Sir for providing such a golden opportunity and arranging exchange programmes. On this occasion Surjit Singh Grover and Delhi Public School family Rudrapur also felicitated the children of SARC Open School.

The School extended heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Kaushal Kumar (Executive Secretary, Prones Asia and Chairman, Ray Foundation) for making it possible. He said that interactive learning and cultural observation are great advantages of educational tours. They must be arranged for making students socially and culturally aware.

Shri Surjit Singh Grover said that Delhi Public School has always been at the forefront in advancing education and culture, as well as world-class educational technology has been provided inside Delhi Public School, which any student can take advantage of. He also said that all efforts are being made to strengthen the educational system of Uttarakhand. Experiential learning takes place with such educational tours. Schools must take inspiration and arrange educational tours.