Students allowed to pay fees in coconuts by Bali college

Because of the economic slowdown, many students were struggling to pay college fees, therefore a hospitality college, The Venus One Tourism Academy, Bali has allowed its students hit by economic slowdown to pay fees in coconuts and other natural products. The college officials said that they are accepting fees in such natural materials that can be used to make soaps and oil. Students are also allowed to resell their own products and increase their entrepreneurship skills. They first started an installment program to pay the tuition fees but after observing that the students are struggling to pay the fees because of the coronavirus pandemic, they came up with this creative solution. They are also accepting tuition fees in the form of natural products like moringa leaves and gotu kola leaves that can be used to produce herbal soaps. They are educating them on how to optimize natural resources in their surroundings, so that when the pandemic is over, they would be more than just common workers. It is an extraordinary initiative taken by Bali college and it has also set an example for other institutes.