South Korea says North Korea wants ease of sanctions for restarting talks with the US


South Korean legislators on Tuesday said that North Korea wants international restrictions preventing it from exporting metals and importing refined gasoline and other needs removed before it resumes denuclearisation talks with the US (July 3).
After being informed by Mr. Park Jie-won, chief of the National Intelligence Service (NIS), South Korea’s top intelligence agency, legislators claimed the North has also requested an easing of bans on luxury goods imports so that it may bring inexpensive liquors and suits.
The briefing occurred only a week after the two Koreas reopened hotlines that North Korea had shut down a year earlier, the first sign in months that North Korea could be more receptive to engagement attempts.
“North Korea insists that the United States should allow mineral exports and imports of refined oil and essentials as a prerequisite for reopening negotiations,” Mr. Ha Tae-keung, a member of the parliamentary intelligence committee, said, quoting Mr. Park.
“When I asked what they wanted the most, they answered high-class liquors and suits, not just for Kim Jong Un’s use but to give to Pyongyang’s elite,” he added, referring to North Korea’s leader.
On Tuesday, North Korea’s state-run media made no mention of a new request for sanctions relief to reopen negotiations.


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