South Korea President Yoon has seafood lunch amid concerns over Japan’s Fukushima water release

South Korea President Yoon Suk-yeol ate a seafood meal on Monday, his office conveyed, to allay public problem over the security of local fish products after Japan started discharging treated radioactive water from its Fukushima nuclear plant. Japan began to release water from the ruined plant into the Pacific Ocean previous Thursday, triggering protests in Japan and adjacent nations.

Chinese consumers have been specifically very sad, and Beijing has declared a blanket restriction on all aquatic products from Japan. In South Korea, the government has declared that it has got no scientific or technical issues with the release, but public worries is still on the same pace because of seafood and ocean contamination.

During his weekly encounter with Prime Minister Han Duck-soo, Mr Yoon had a seafood lunch. The presidential office cafeteria also ate raw fish on the lunch menu for its staff, it conveyed. “The presidential office took a decision to give Korean seafood products on the lunch menu at our cafeteria every day for a week beginning on Monday, having our hope residents eat our healthy seafood products without any issues” Mr Yoon’s office conveyed.